Dine College sees high turnover; concerns over institution's president continue

Oct 5, 2010

Albuquerque, NM – A major Native American college that has served as an inspiration for other similar higher education institutions around the country appears to be in some trouble.

Dine College, just over the border in northeast Arizona, serves a large population of mostly Navajos in New Mexico. But since this past May, at least 21 of its staff, faculty, and top administrators have resigned or been fired by Dine College President Ferland Clark.

Many of the former employees then signed a petition stating that Clark created a hostile environment at the college through intimidation and preferential treatment, and that the firings took place without due process. They also allege that Clark violated college policies.

The Navajo High Court is in fact examining the issue now. KUNM's Colleen Keane looked into the matter, and has this report.