Democratic Proposal Would Delay Climate Rules

Mar 1, 2011

Albuquerque, NM – Six Democratic US Senators from places like Ohio and West Virginia have co-sponsored a bill that would delay the Environmental Protection Agency's greenhouse gas regulations by two years.

But New Mexico US Senator Jeff Bingaman says he doesn't want to see those rules delayed, especially since federal legislation to address climate change is all but dead in Congress. "I think it would not be responsible that to say because we are not able to do it in the Congress that we should also prevent the EPA from taking the action that they are otherwise required to take under the Clean Air Act," Bingaman said.

The Democrat Bingaman says he thinks it's possible to protect natural resources without damaging the economy in the process. "The challenges faced by small and large businesses today are not primarily a result of anything that is being done by way of environmental regulation."

Last month, the Republican majority in the US House passed a budget that cuts funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and prevents enforcement of greenhouse gas regulations.