"The Dark Sleep: Nick Nocturne Mystery," and "Time Out for Bill Lizard"

Two mind-bending magical mystery plays for your radio theater enjoyment.

The Dark Sleep:
Nick Nocturne Private Eye, is asked to take on a case to find a client's dead wife whose body has never been found. The client's wife appears only in dreams. Using his special skills as a lucid dreamer, Nick decides to "sleep on it."

Time out for Bill Lizard:
Written and performed by Roger Gregg of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. A surrealist inquiry into the Universe and most other things. After being equipped with a Cheshire cat phone by an eighty thousand year old man who appeared briefly in a time vortex, Bill Lizard engages in a chrono-synclastic case of What's Happening Now. Who will Bill call when he knows? Produced in the Studios of KUNM.