Coming Out – Undocumented and Unafraid

Jan 20, 2012

Mon. 1/23 8:30a: Today, stories of coming out. These are the stories of living undocumented in America. We have voices from across the country, and from different walks of life. They are American in every way, but with one exception: papers. 

Some are high profile like actor and playwright Carlo Alban, or Pulitzer prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas. Others are promising students with dreams of becoming doctors and lawyers wanting to live with dignity and contribute to society. 

The stories of Jose Antonio Vargas and Carlos Alban are like so many who grew up in the United States: undocumented, but managing to start careers. And there are also high school and college students who call themselves Dreamers. They are fighting for the Dream Act, which would a grant a passage to citizenship to students and members of the military. For more than a decade, its been an uphill battle to get votes, and in recent years, these students have upped the ante by coming out, publicly and often putting themselves at risk of deportation.

We hear from two Dreamers, Lizbeth Mateo and David Cho, as well as Carlo Alban and Jose Antonio.