Breezy Melodies, Songs About Songs, and Dylanesque

Thurs. 5/19 at 2pm: Travis Parkin brings you three theme-drive sets featuring some of the very "best music you've never heard."

2011 has brought us one of the windiest springs on record here in New Mexico and in our first theme driven set we'll do our best to blow you away with a few of our favorite breezy melodies. Featured artists include J.J. Cale, Lyle Lovett, Gllian Welch, and Jamie Cullum.

Also on today's program, 10 of our favorite songs about songs with selections from The Escorts, Justin Walden, Townes Van Zandt, Nouvelle Vague and others.

Next week marks the 70th birthday of Bob Dylan, one of the most covered American songwriters of all times. In our final theme-driven set, Dylanesque, we'll be playing interpretations (literally) of the bard's compositions recorded in languages other than English.

As always, thanks for tuning in. And if you're unable to listen to today's program live, it will be available 24/7 for on-demand streaming and will remain accessible until June 2nd at our website. Just log on to kunm.org and click the word LISTEN on the menu bar -- then select TWO WEEK ARCHIVE in the drop down box.