The Brain Scan of a Psychopath. Can We Use it to Predict Crime?

Jun 3, 2013

  Fri. 6/7 8a. :What is going on in the mind of a school shooter, a mass murderer, or a serial rapist? Is that mind different from a mass fraudster like Bernie Madoff? We summarily dismiss these criminals as pure  “evil” but are they? Often they are psychopaths – wrongdoers who repeatedly act impulsively, and lack of empathy, guilt and remorse for the harm caused; they know right from wrong cognitively, but don't have a feeling for what's right and wrong. Our guest, UNM professor, Kent Kiehl is at the forefront of the emerging neuroscience research on psychopathy, and is considered one of its leading experts. His primary focus is on groundbreaking research on the brains of incarcerated psychopaths and his brain scans have predicted with startling accuracy the likelihood that they will offend again. So please join host Stephen Spitz and Dr. Kent Kiehl, as we explore how and why psychopaths are different from the rest of us. Produced with the assistance of Joe Green.