Oct 10, 2014

Credit Photography: Adolphe Pierre-Louis

Mon. Oct. 13th, 7p: Enjoy a short avant-première of the play ¡Bocón! that will be performed by Working Classroom very soon. ¡Bocón! is a bilingual fable filled with humor, magical realism, and songs directed by Rebeca Mayorga and written by Lisa Loomer.

A 12-year-old boy, Miguel, flees a repressive Central American military regime for a new life in Los Angeles. Along the way he meets up with an unusual travelling companion who you might know...

The performance will take place at the Working Classroom-The Paul Carpenter y Salazar Theater (423 Atlantic SW, Albuquerque 87102):

Friday, Nov. 7 @ 7pm

Saturday, Nov. 8 @7pm

Sunday, Nov. 9 @3pm


Friday, Nov. 14 @7pm

Saturday, Nov. 15 @7pm

Sunday, Nov. 16 @3pm

More information: http://www.workingclassroom.org/ Or: 505 242-9267

Visual Art Program
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Note: You can listen to this program until October 27th 2014 on our two week archive.