2:29 pm
Sun April 3, 2011

Archive Night

Sun. 4/11 at 6pm: Four fantastic works produced by KUNM's Radio Theatre in seasons past.

"Diamonds to Die For" -- four siblings search for their missing inheritance, while, unknown to them, their mother's ghost hovers in their midst.

"Philosophers Club" -- a kaleidoscope of philosophies colliding in a day at the laundromat.

"The Sweet Life" -- will Irma, the classic Noir femme fatale draw Deak away from his mocha and doughnut?

"Pill School" -- A Sherlock Holmes style spoof where Prof. Moriarty plots to destroy the medicine trade by replacing pills with candy. Will Holmes foil the plot before someone expires from a fatal dose of Altoids? You'll laugh and cry at this m?lange of wit and wry.

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