Ana Castillo Reveals Her Own Life

Jul 15, 2016

Santa Fe: 7/09-Castillo has decided to "pull out memory"  in her new memoir Black Dove, mama, mi'jo, and me. 

Ana Castillo lives on a mesa in southern New Mexico

Chicana author- poet and essayist, feminist and activist, Castillo had long drawn from her own experience for her writing, but now she combines scenes from her life with personal essays addressing social issues. Castillo recounts how she came to grow up in Chicago and develop her own independence, while she was viewed as an outsider and, how she became a writer due to fierce determination. She pictures her mother coming to Chicago and raising a family as well as at the end of her life. She also talks about her own life as the "mother of a young brown man" and her reliance on books and writing to help bring him back from difficulties.  For the past 13 years, Castillo has made her home near Anthony, on the southern border of New Mexico, while continuing to travel many places to teach and lecture.

Living in New Mexico, I feel a profound connection to my ancestors and an awareness of location as a continuum.