Albuquerque Police Start Recruit Plan Amid Probe

Jan 9, 2013

The police department in New Mexico's largest city has launched a multimedia, officer recruiting campaign amid a federal probe and a large number of expected retirements.

Albuquerque police's recruiting campaign is using social media, television commercials and billboards to recruit new cadets just as officials say the department faces a shortage of around 80 officers. In addition, about 200 more officers are expected to retire due to proposed changes to state retirement funds.

Officials say so far more than 100 interested candidates have applied to take the department's first-round test.

The recruitment push comes as the U.S. Justice Department is investigating the department over excessive force claims. Albuquerque police has been involved in more than two dozen officer-involved shootings since 2010.

Albuquerque police also recently raised hiring standards.