4:00 pm
Fri June 18, 2010

Afropop Soundsystem Goes to South Africa - Part 4

Fri. 7/2: An exploration of some of the lesser known gems of South African music.

We head to Jozi (Johannesburg) to meet cutting edge South African artists that don't usually get recognized internationally. We check out the story of Shangaan music in an exclusive interview with producer Nozinja in his Soweto studio. We'll hear his latest hits and check in with Foster, the king of Shangaan electro gospel. It's on to meet upstart rappers Dirty Parafin at the Nike shop in the northern suburb Mellville. He has been sampling lately from late 80s / 90s SA bubblegum stars--Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Brenda Fassie and the Big Dudes and the Dalom Kids. We'll also feature a short conversation with South African ethnomusicologist, Gavin Steingo to talk about the relevance of kwaito today. Produced by Wills Glasspiegel.