Affordable Care Act Enrollment Deadline Tonight

Dec 15, 2014

Credit @BeWellNM on Twitter

New Mexico residents have until midnight to sign up for health insurance in order to be covered by Jan. 1. The final deadline for the open enrollment period is Feb. 15. The Obama administration is urging everyone to go online and check the available coverage options, even those who signed up last year. 

“Circumstances change. Your needs might change,” Senior Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett told KUNM. “There are a range of options. Oftentimes, we’re finding new insurers are coming in to markets and providing different options. Health care is very personal. Everyone should go and look if you can find a plan that’s right for you. Don’t just assume that because you signed up last year, you got the best deal.”

New Mexico residents can browse available plans at bewellnm.com or call 1-855-996 6449.