ABQ Zoo Names Baby Rhino Chopper

Nov 27, 2012

Credit Jonathunder

The Albuquerque Zoo has announced the name of its new baby rhino -- Chopper.

Zoo officials say the name was the overwhelming favorite of Facebook fans. The name was suggested in remembrance of Jimmy "Chopper" Abalos, a softball and little league leader in the community who died in 2010. Abalos sponsored multiple little league teams called the "Rhinos." He was inducted in the United States Specialty Sports Association Hall of Fame in 2003, and his adult softball team, also the Rhinos, was inducted in 2009.

Born at Florida's White Oak Conservation Center on Oct. 30, the rhino wasn't able to establish a strong bond with his mother so he was moved to Albuquerque.

The now 214-pound baby will remain behind the scenes for several more months.