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Public Health New Mexico
7:14 am
Fri November 15, 2013

AG’s Argument For Secrecy Is ‘Terrifying,’ News Orgs Say

Credit Rrrodrigo via Flickr

Because it isn’t a law enforcement agency, the N.M. Human Services Department can’t justify keeping an audit of 15 health providers secret using the law enforcement exception to a state sunshine law, two news organizations suing for release of the audit say.


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Public Health New Mexico
9:23 am
Sat October 19, 2013

New Portion Of Audit Released; Hundreds Of Pages Still Secret

Many pages of the audit released by the state Attorney General's office were partially or fully redacted. The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government posted the full document online. http://nmfog.org/uploads/PressRelease/cf6b22f5312b412198762483474b1435/PCG_Redacted_Audit_Report.pdf

A portion of an audit released Friday by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office with many details blacked out shed little light on why the state froze Medicaid payments to 15 New Mexico behavioral health providers.

At the same time, the 58-page document raised tantalizing questions.

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Poverty and Public Health
10:58 am
Fri August 9, 2013

Funding For Arizona Behavioral Health Providers Delayed

Credit jeffwilcox via Flickr

A transfer of over $10 million to Arizona behavioral health contractors has been put on hold by the state Legislative Finance Committee. 

NMInDepth.com reports LFC Director David Abbey has stopped the transfer so that the committee can review the request from the Human Services Department. 

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Poverty and Public Health
5:39 pm
Mon June 17, 2013

Friction Between State Agencies Escalates As Health Exchange Deadlines Near

Credit zpeckler via Flickr

New details have emerged about changes that were made to a grant proposal the state submitted to the federal government related to the state's Health Insurance Exchange.

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