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Freelance Reporter and Contributor to Women's Focus.


Women's Headline News
1:00 pm
Sun March 24, 2013

India Imposing Stronger Penalties For Violence Against Women

Credit Jim Ankan Deka / Creative Commons

In this week's news: India’s Parliament passes bill creating harsher penalties for crimes against women.

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Women's Focus
12:35 pm
Sun March 24, 2013

Event Commemorates Murdered Women

Participants wear black as part of the Prayer for Juárez and the West Mesa community art event.
Credit Courtesy of Deborah Gavel

A Prayer For Juárez and the West Mesa is a community art event on March 24 at 2 p.m. to remember the murdered women of Ciudad Juárez and those found on Albuquerque's West Mesa in 2009, as well as all victims of violence. 

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Public Affairs
3:28 pm
Thu March 14, 2013

New Show Explores Surfaces In Art

Nicole Dextras creates wearable architecture that transform into shelters and garden. "Nomadik Harvest Dress" is based on a Mongolian ger (yurt). it comes with a pot and stove to cook the vegetables into soup.
Credit 516 ARTS

A new show at 516 ARTS in Albuquerque features diverse visual art media that explores the idea of surfaces through painting, sculpture, photography, electronic media and performance art. Some surfaces tantalize, some fortify and some allow us just a peek inside. Megan Kamerick talks with curator Lea Anderson and artists Jennifer Cawley, Jessica Kennedy and Alex Kraft.

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Women's Headline News
2:51 pm
Sat March 9, 2013

Obama Signs VAWA Reauthorization Bill

Members of the National Congress of American Indians attended the signing ceremony for the Violence Against Women Act.
Credit NCAI / Creative Commons

After months of delay in Congress, the Violence Against Women Act is reauthorized, Arkansas adopts most restrictive law on abortion, Vatican, Russia and Iran oppose language on eliminating violence against women, UN investigator says empowering women would reduce hunger, the Balkans get less macho, Obama nominates two women to cabinet posts and a woman to head the Air Force Academy, news study shows life expectancy falling for U.S. women, Afghanistan marks International Women's Day with first women's film festival, Hannah Skandera confirmation hearing continues in New Mexico Legislature.

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Public Affairs
2:33 pm
Sat March 9, 2013

Journalist Sara Ganim Talks About Breaking Jerry Sandusky Story

Sara Ganim
Credit Penn State Newstream / Creative Commons

Megan Kamerick talks with Sara Ganim about the stories that landed her a Pulitzer Prize at age 24. Ganim wrote the first stories about Jerry Sandusky,  a former Penn State University coach convicted of molesting young boys.

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Women's Headline News
9:24 am
Tue February 26, 2013

One Billion Rising Events Take Place Worldwide

Residents of Santiago de Compostela in Spain joined millions around the world in calling for an end to sexual violence on Feb. 14 as part of the One Billion Rising movement
Credit Amaianos / Creative Commons

Women around the world call for ending sexual violence at One Billion Rising events, Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius charged in girlfriend's murder, Egyptian officials blame women for sexual assaults, Senate passes Violence Against Women Act reauthorization, more women are using Plan B birth control, Irish government accepts partial blame for enslaving women in Magdalene laundries, Human Rights Watch accuses Canadian Mounties of discriminating against Native women,  girl shot by Taliban for advocating for girls' education leaves hospital, New Mexico Medical Board exonerates doctor in aborti

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Local News
3:13 pm
Fri February 8, 2013

Former GOP Rep Touts Market Solutions To Climate Change

Republican Bob Inglis lost his Congressional seat in South Carolina in 2010 after he was targeted by the Tea Party.
Credit Courtesy of the Energy and Enterprise Initiative

Bob Inglis believes in climate change and that doomed his re-election bid in 2010. The South Carolina Republican lost his Congressional seat after being targeted by the Tea Party. But he continues his quest to find climate solutions based on free enterprise. Inglis launched the Energy and Enterprise Initiative last year at George Mason University. He was in Albuquerque this week and spoke with KUNM’s Megan Kamerick.

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Women's Headline News
11:40 am
Sat January 26, 2013

Pentagon Lifts Ban on Women in Combat

U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Jessica Domingo, right, and Cpl. Daisy Romero, assigned to a female engagement team, speak with an Afghan man in his compound during a patrol in Marjah, Helmand province, Afghanistan, Dec. 30, 2010. The FET worked with infantry Marines by engaging women and children in support of the International Security Assistance Force.
Credit U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Marionne T. Mangrum

Pentagon lifts ban on women in combat, renewed push on VAWA, report indicts India's treatment of women following gang rape and murder, Sundance welcomes more female directors while new study highlights gender gap, Obama appoints first woman to head SEC, Carlsbad legislator changes bill on rape and abortion.

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Women's Focus
1:03 pm
Sat January 12, 2013

Film Explores Woman's Breast Cancer Journey

Gary (Vic Browder) is frustrated by the actions of his wife, Alice (Karen Young), following her breast cancer surgery.
Credit Courtesy Warrior Woman

New Mexico filmmaker Julie Reichert talks about her film "Warrior Woman," which will screen January 19, 20 and 21 at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque. It  tells a story of healing beyond physical recovery. Alice (played by Karen Young) has survived breast cancer, but her marriage and finances are falling apart and she is tormented by vivid, disturbing dreams. Emotionally raw, she feels compelled to protect her student, Thuy, from an abusive husband.

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Public Affairs
12:44 pm
Sat January 12, 2013

Women's Headline News - January 12, 2013

Suspects in India rape case to plead not guilty, Saudi Arabia grants women seats on top advisory council, Indonesian province seeks to ban female passengers straddling motorbikes, Facebook backs down over controversy on violence against women, Obama's cabinet becoming more male, New Mexico women push Rep. Steve Pearce on Violence Against Women Act

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Local News
6:42 am
Fri December 7, 2012

Film Reveals Dark Side of International Adoption

Filmmaker Jill Hodges

Jill Hodges and her husband adopted their son from Guatemala when he was six months old. At the time, they had very little information about his birth family in Guatemala. But whe stories began surfacing from that country about corruption in the adoption process and possible coercion, they wanted to find his birth mother to make sure she gave him up willingly, and to create a pathway for their son to connect with his birth family. Hodges chronicles that journey in "Extended Family," which is screening this weekend at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

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Local News
5:06 am
Mon December 3, 2012

Nun uses arts to foster peace in El Salvador

Sister Peggy O'Neill of the Sisters of Charity

In 1986, Sister Peggy O’Neill left behind her life in the U.S. to work in El Salvador. The Central American country was in the grip of a brutal civil war. Even nuns and priests had been murdered by government death squads.  But she stayed, working with the poor in the town of Suchitoto. O’Neill, a nun with the Sisters of Charity, will be in Albuquerque this evening to talk about the center she created for young people. Centro Arte Para la Paz promotes peace through the arts, creativity, imagination and cultural exchange.  

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Public Affairs
9:13 am
Sat November 24, 2012

Women's Headline News - October 27, 2012

Girl shot in head by Taliban for advocating for girls' education recovering in British hospital; humans rights activist worry more incidents against women in Afghanistan becoming common; Mongolian women boost representation in Parliament; female lawyers in Saudi Arabia can now appear in court;  Retail Action Project supports female cashier advocating to stop on-call shifts among national retailers; Indian Health Service lags on making emergency contraception available to Native women; American Association of University Women releases new report showing pay disparity starts early; CNN remove

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Public Affairs
9:05 am
Sat November 24, 2012

Women's Headline News - November 17, 2012

Ireland reviews abortion laws after Indian woman dies; women's groups press BBC to examine gender bias; 2012 elections bring historic number of women to U.S. Senate; female U.S. Representatives criticize Senators for comments about Ambassador Susan Rice; Catalyst report on women losing out on key jobs; European Union Executive Branch pushes for more women leaders in European companies; gender violence against lesbians in South Africa; Saudi Arabia's highly educated women struggle to get jobs;  women's Arab uprising group accuses Facebook of censorship; State Sen.

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Local News
10:43 pm
Mon November 19, 2012

ISEA artists explore intersections of nature and technology

Warning Off the Wolf imagines an armored cow that uses noise and scents offensive to wolves.
Credit Courtesy of 516 ARTS

So exactly what kind of sound might stop a Mexican Grey Wolf from taking down a cow?

That's just one of the questions explored by the International Symposium on Electronic Arts. Albuquerque recently hosted ISEA,bringing top international artists for performances, lectures and art installations. It's the first time the event has been in the U.S. since 2006.

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Local News
11:17 am
Tue October 16, 2012

Developer cries foul with lawsuit against Rio Rancho

Curb North Inc. is suing over impact fee credits it earned through installing infrastructure at Cabezon.

A developer is suing Rio Rancho for $5.6 million. At issue are credits it earned for infrastructure it built at a large planned community in the city and a new ordinance that slashes or eliminates impact fees.

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KUNM Call-In Show
4:15 pm
Mon September 24, 2012

New Mexico's Conservation Challenges

View from the Santa Fe Ski area
Michael Hess

KUNM Call In Show 9/27  8a:  New Mexico has high alpine meadows, desert badlands and everything in between. But it also has its share of challenges when it comes to the environment. Those include historic issues such as mining, grazing and energy development. But there are new pressures as well, such as climate change, drought, and the loss of rural lands to development.

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Solar industry
12:19 pm
Thu September 20, 2012

Despite challenges solar industry thrives in New Mexico

Nicholas Suhor

New Mexico has a long history of leading solar development. This continues to be true, despite the closure of Schott Solar earlier this summer. A new company hopes to start manufacturing again at the Schott plant. It faces significant challenges from offshore competitors. But there are many other companies in the solar industry here that are finding success.

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Local News
7:16 am
Fri September 14, 2012

Local Architect to Speak on Designing for Climate Change

We're used to putting the blame for climate change on industrial plants and gas-guzzling cars and trucks. But Santa Fe architect Edward Mazria says it's actually the buildings we live in that are the worst offenders.  

Mazria is the author of the Passive Solar Energy Book used by builders worldwide.  He'll  be speaking tonight in Albuquerque.  KUNM's Conservation Beat reporter Megan Kamerick caught up with Mazria for a sneak preview of his talk.

Local News
4:46 pm
Mon August 27, 2012

Hearings resume on pit rule for oil and gas industry

Flcelloguy, via Wikimedia Commons

Hearings resume on Aug. 28 on drilling wastes generated by the oil and gas industry. At issue are rules put in place under the previous administration governing thousands of waste pits and underground storage tanks.

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Local News
5:01 pm
Thu August 23, 2012

Las Cruces opens new facility to treat toxic water

By Randy Son of Robert, via Flickr

A new water treatment facility opened in Las Cruces on Aug. 23 and is supposed to clean up water from a toxic Superfund site. The pollution was detected in the city’s water wells years ago, but a specific source for the contaminants remains elusive.

Federal, state and local officials were on hand to open the new facility, which will remove the chemical perchloroethylene from groundwater. PCE is a widely used in dry cleaning fabrics and for metal degreasing operations.

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Local News
10:00 pm
Wed August 8, 2012

Valles Caldera Trust seeks input on preserve plan

Courtesy of Valles Caldera Trust

The Valles Caldera National Preserve is one of the most iconic sites in New Mexico. It’s a sweeping landscape of meadows and forests that sits in the massive crater of a collapsed volcano. Congress bought the former ranch in 2000 and created the preserve with a special mandate:  Become financially self-sufficient by 2015.

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Local News
8:27 pm
Tue July 31, 2012

Madagascar silk industry helps save endangered forests

Rado Herivonona Ambinintsoa of the Sahalandy Federation
Michael Hess

This year at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, a federation of silk weavers made thousands from sales of its scarves.

That’s good news for the impoverished women of the Sahalandy Federation of Madagascar. But it’s also good for the island nation’s forests, home to the wild Malagasy silkworm.

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Public Affairs
11:27 am
Sat July 28, 2012

Women's Headline News - July 14, 2012

Woman's execution sparks protests in Afghanistan, Seventeen magazine bows to teen's petition campaign, nuns wrap up bus tour protesting federal cuts,  new pro-lesbian super PAC forms, Saudi Arabia sends female athletes to Olympics, Helen Mirren calls for more female directors

Public Affairs
11:21 am
Sat July 28, 2012

Women's Headline News - July 28, 2012

Olympics news, Air Force sex abuse scandal update, remembering  Sally Ride, French parliament pushes for anti-sexual harassment law, African conference calls for investing in female entrepreneurs, New Mexico dedicates marker to Maria Martinez

Conservation Beat
1:58 pm
Thu July 26, 2012

Report says climate change will slam state economy

Drought is one of the major impacts of climate change in New Mexico.
Courtesy U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Climate change is a threat to New Mexico’s natural environment and a new study argues that makes it a serious economic threat as well.

Tourism, the creative arts, agriculture, ranching, and the dairy industry all stand to lose millions of dollars, according to Demos, the public policy group that published “New Mexico’s Rising Economic Risks from Climate Change.” The report is authored by Robert Repetto, author of the 2011 book, "America’s Climate Problem: The Way Forward." He is a senior fellow in the United Nations Foundation’s climate and energy program.

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Local News
5:19 pm
Wed July 11, 2012

Audubon calls for restoring NM rivers

A new report by Audubon New Mexico calls for restoring natural flows on waterways like the Rio Chama
Staci Stevens

Audubon New Mexico released a report on the heels of a visit here by Interior Department Secretary Ken Salazar. The study argues that restoring natural streamflows will bring environmental and economic benefits.

Dams, reservoirs, and levees are all tools used to alter the natural flow of a river for crop irrigation, drinking water and industrial use. The benefits are substantial. But they also create major changes to the natural flow pattern of New Mexico’s rivers and streams.

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Local News
12:53 pm
Fri July 6, 2012

Officials track fires and prepare for floods

Catron County forests are still recovering from the Wallow Fire
Courtesy of Sen. Tom Udall

The recent rains brought some relief to New Mexico’s parched forests, but they also brought a rash of lightning-caused fires.

Firefighters are responding to several smoke reports in the Questa Ranger District, according to U.S. Forest Service officials. They expect no problems. However, more smoke reports are anticipated as temperatures increase and humidity decreases.

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Local News
1:34 pm
Tue July 3, 2012

Report argues projects threaten Western water supplies

Los Angeles Aquaduct.
US Bureau of Reclamation

Large scale water projects are a growing phenomenon in the West. But a new study argues they could lead to water shortages and increased costs.

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Local News
1:35 pm
Mon July 2, 2012

Environmental groups oppose SF Forest road plan

The majority of roads in the Santa Fe National Forest will now be closed to motorized travel, according to the Albuquerque Journal. But two environmental groups say the plan still leaves too much of the forest open to vehicle traffic.

The Record of Decision came after nearly six years of analysis and public comment. The Forest Service evaluated more than 7,000 miles of roads and trails and designated about 2,400 miles where motorized travel will be allowed. It also prohibited off-road motorized travel.

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