Mary Kay Mallonee

KUNM Local
1:04 pm
Tue June 28, 2011

Republicans in Washington Criticize the DREAM Act

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Senate Democrats are pushing to pass an immigration law that would help the children of illegal immigrants go to American colleges. Mary Kay Mallonee reports from Washington on a heated Senate hearing where Republicans pushed back saying the bill is full of dangerous loopholes.

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KUNM Local
12:00 pm
Fri June 3, 2011

NM Congressional Delegation Split On How To Address Debt

Washington, D.C. – Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill this week met separately with President Obama to talk about the tug of war over the debt ceiling.

As of now New Mexico lawmakers remain split on what it will take to reach a compromise, raise the debt ceiling and avert what some are calling an economic meltdown.

KUNM Capitol Reporter Mary Kay Mallonee reports from Washington.

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