Laura Lorson

Laura Lorson is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. It was there that she learned how to read, write, and make the occasional decent piece of fried chicken. A complicated set of family moves eventually led her to Kansas, which is how she ended up graduating from the University of Kansas in Lawrence in 1989. She began working in radio in 1990 and worked for NPR in Washington throughout most of the 1990s as a director, producer, and editor for Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered, and the former NPR show Anthem.

Lorson returned to Lawrence, Kansas, in 2000, where she is now a local All Things Considered host and a director, producer, and editor for Kansas Public Radio. She lives with her husband, Kelly Corcoran, who is the co-owner of a record store that specializes in hard-to-find vinyl records. (This explains why they have about 6,000 records, 2,000 CDs, and 2,500 books in their house.)

Lorson's interests include philosophy, history, and Classical literature, but she is also inordinately fond of pop music and popular culture, which end up informing most of her commentaries for All Things ConsideredΒΈ much to her mother's sorrow.

Laura Lorson is an All Things Considered host for Kansas Public Radio as well as a director, producer and editor.

Another football season is winding down, college basketball is uninteresting until the tournament, pro basketball is rather dull. It will be a while before pitchers and catchers show up for spring training. But fortunately for all of us, we are smack in the middle of cold and flu season.