Jalila Arthur


I love music, especially when it is live and there is dancing involved. Music is my medicine, and I am here to help others figure out the proper dose ;) I am currently enrolled as a senior at the University of New Mexico where I am pursuing a Bachelors of Liberal Arts with interdisciplinary concentrations in Philosophy, Communication, Media Arts, and Spanish with a minor in the Honors College. These interests stem from my volunteer work in live broadcasting radio for the past five years, with a focus on community issues and announcements. I also worked on a multitude of events, both public and private, to publicize and advertise for the benefit of my community.

Gabrielle Louise

Nov 2, 2016

In a preview of the release party for her CD "If the Static Clears" songwriter Gabrielle Louise dropped by Tuesday "Freeform" with Albuquerque's Justin Evan Thompson to trade songs and stories of a life in music and the peculiar charms of Las Vegas, NM. 

Hosted and engineered by Jalila Arthur on November 1, 2016.