Elaine Baumgartel

News Director

Elaine volunteered to answer phones during a KUNM pledge drive in 2003 and she's been unable to drag herself away from public radio ever since.  And why would she want to?  She's worn many sets of headphones at the station. Right now, she's KUNM's News Director.

As a graduate student in the Communication and Journalism MA program at UNM, Elaine worked at KUNM in the operations, programming, and news departments.  She's been the local anchor of NPR's Morning Edition, a reporter in the KUNM newsroom, and the host and producer of the KUNM Call In Show.  

In her spare time, Elaine likes to garden and work with ceramics in addition to spending time with her family.  


KUNM Local
4:19 pm
Fri September 25, 2009

State Miscalculates Graduation Rates

The state miscalculated high school graduation rates that were released last month.

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