Cristina Baccin


4:39 pm
Mon December 3, 2012

Desde el corazón de Uruguay

Credit "Freedom", by Duy Huynh

Mon. Dec. 3rd 7.30p: Latin American music beginning from the heart to  Uruguay to your house... "No siempre podemos elegir la música que la vida nos toca, pero podemos elegir cómo la bailamos!"


Corazón Tanguero
10:37 am
Mon December 3, 2012

Milonga: Ayer y Hoy

Credit "Tango Busking" by Beryl Cook

Mon. Dec 3, 9.30p: Milonga from the past to today... "Milonga de aquel entonces, /que trae un pasado envuelto..." (E. Cadícamo, 1943).

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11:18 am
Fri November 30, 2012

Love and passion from Buenos Aires

Credit Buenos Aires Street Art

Sat. Dec. 1st  2-5p: New voices and music from the heart of Buenos Aires. We invite you to listen the latido of the austral city of the Americas.

Espejos de Aztlan
10:08 am
Mon November 26, 2012

Frank Leto & Pandemonium

Credit Frank Leto & Pandemonium

Mon. Nov. 26, 7p: Frank Leto will join us to talk about  Pandemonium and their celebration of "CARNAVAL" through musical styles of Cuba, Trinidad, Brazil and New Orleans. This Thursday, November 29th, the band will present  an evening of original music at the Outpost Performance Space with rhythms, such as the samba, frevo, batucada, calypso, comparsa and more of this pan-Caribbean all-star ensemble.

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11:02 pm
Fri November 23, 2012

New Sounds of Buenos Aires

Mural by Rami Meiri

Sat. Nov. 24 2-5p: Listen to the pulse of Buenos Aires through today´s music with its passion, frustration, anger, and love.

Corazón Tanguero
10:13 pm
Sun November 4, 2012

Tango and horses

Credit "Por una cabeza"-Painting by Gonzalo Perdomo Martinez

Mon. 11/5 9:30p:  We´ll explore the world of horses or matungos  within tango. You might be surprised by songs that are dedicated to a loved one: a horse.

8:35 pm
Sat November 3, 2012

Futbol y Tango: two passions

Credit "De fútbol y otras yerbas", by Alberto Pereira

Mon. Nov 19 9:30p:  Two Argentinian passions intertwined: tango and soccer. We´ll listen tangos and candombes that express a deep and popular feeling of belonging.

9:36 am
Fri November 2, 2012

Día de los Muertos

Credit "Día de los Muertos", By Rubén Martinez

Sat. Nov. 3rd, 2p: Celebramos el Día de los Muertos con más música! Llámenos, escríbanos para dedicar una canción a sus seres queridos! Nuestro teléfono durante el programa es: (505) 277-5615. O escríbame a :

Day of Dead! Let us know if you want to dedicate a song to your loved ones! Our telephone: (505) 277-5615. Or write me to:

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10:18 pm
Thu October 25, 2012

Cuban Pianist Hilario Duran

Credit Hilario Duran - Cuban Jazz All Stars

Sat. Oct. 27, 3p: Cuban Pianist and Composer Hilario Durán is interviewed from Canada by host Cristina Baccin.

One of the  most innovative creators of Afro-Cuban music & Latin Jazz will be in Albuquerque with Canadian flautist and saxophonist Jane Bunnett. They join their forces with legendary Cuban percussionist Candido Camero to present a new creation:  "Cuban Raphsody" at the Outpost Performance Space, on November 1st at 7:30pm.

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1:55 pm
Fri October 19, 2012

A musical trip from Spain to Tierra del Fuego

Jade Leyva Art

Sat. Oct 20, 2p: From Spain to Tierra del Fuego, a musical trip to the diversity of mestiza music of the Americas. In spite of the European Conquest, mestiza and indigenous music is alive. In this journey, we´ll go with you to the Caribbean Islands, and end with the "Gigantes del Sur" in Tierra del Fuego. Let´s celebrate the richness of this music!

Corazón Tanguero
10:22 am
Mon October 15, 2012

Are you ready for a Tango Week?

Qtango - Photographer Wes Naman

Mon. 10/15 9.30p: Qtango Orchestra leader, Erskine Maytorena, and Albuquerque Tango Festival organizer, Daniel Boardman,  will be our guests on Corazón Tanguero to talk about 2012 Festival, "Por amor al tango" show, and everything about NEW MEXICO TANGO WEEK!

Espejos de Aztlan
10:50 am
Mon October 8, 2012

Nuestra tierra: Land grant movement in New Mexico

Marcos Zaragoza

Mon. Oct 8, 7p:  Property rights regarding land and water were not fully respected in the years after 1848. We´ll talk about the struggle of nuevomexicanos to recover land and water rights, especially among who are heirs of community land grants.

This is an active movement regarging LAND GRANT-mercedes, an on-going burning issue with approximately thirty community land grants actively engaged with each other, U.S. and New Mexico state agencies, and the public.

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Corazón Tanguero
9:56 am
Mon October 1, 2012

Tango and Healing

Mon. 10/1, 9:30p:  We shall talk with Argentinian psychotherapist, and tango dancer, Cecilia Biglieri about the healing power of tango. A "milongueras" show to share the benefits of tango music with you!

10:02 am
Mon September 24, 2012

¡NO!, no?

Mon. Sept/24 7:30p: Latin American songs, from boleros to protest songs saying NO! to a lost love or  unreliable politicians. Be ready to listen sweet, romantic, angry, and funny NOs.

De nuestro cancionero latinoamericano, desde boleros a canciones de protesta que dicen ¡NO! a un amor perdido o a políticos traicioneros. Escuche con nosotros los NO cantados con dulzura, enojo, romanticismo y alegría.

Espejos de Aztlan
10:28 am
Wed September 19, 2012

Deportation from Albuquerque

Dream Activist

Mon. 2/6 7pm: How deportation and its aftermath destroys Latino families in our community.

Nationally, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) processed 400,000 deportations last year, a historic record number. Among them, Ramón Eduardo Dorado Mendoza, a 19-year-old CNM student, raised in Albuquerque since he was a small child, was deported after being issued a traffic ticket on I-25 on his way to morning classes.Ramón´s parents relate the events leading to his deportation and the consequences of deportation on Latino families in our community.

Corazón Tanguero
1:12 am
Mon September 17, 2012

Autumn Tango

Zabara Alexander Flickr

Mon. 9/17 9.30p:  TANGO del OTOÑO! to taste the sweetness of the nostalgic autumn season with different versions of "Otoño Porteño" by Piazzolla and more!

8:58 am
Fri September 14, 2012


University of Texas Press

Sat 9/15 2.30p: Five women of TEATRO CHICANA will perform one of their scripts of "Teatro Chicana: the Collective memoirs",  and play live music with us.

They began in San Diego State University as a group of Chicana women participating in a political theatre group during the seventies. Their plays addressed social, gender, and political issues of the working class and the Chicano Movement. We´ll talk with them about the power of theater to provoke social and personal change.

2:29 pm
Mon September 10, 2012

Música con voz de mujer: young, new, "not so well known" female singers

Painting by Jafeth (Cauca, Colombia)

Mon. 9/10 7.30-10.00 pm: "Las No Tan Conocidas".  Latin American women singers from throughout the Americas that you might not know... like Adriana, Ana, Arahi, Adella, Badi, Barbara, Bebe and more! Enjoy with us this musical diversity sang by female voices. Host: Cristina Baccin

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Espejos de Aztlan
12:29 pm
Mon September 10, 2012

Can Tucson happen here?

Mon. 9/10, 7p: Poet and community organizer, publisher of MÁS TEQUILA Review, Richard Vargas will talk with us about the panel "CAN TUCSON HAPPEN HERE?" that will take place at this year´s ALBUQUERQUE CULTURAL CONFERENCE (Sept. 28-30). Host: Cristina Baccin

Corazón Tanguero
12:57 pm
Mon September 3, 2012

Siempre hay una mujer - There is always a woman

Jorge Muscia

Mon. 9/3, 9.30p: Tangos con nombre de mujer: Gricel, Malena, Griseta... ¡Siempre hay una mujer! Host: Cristina Baccin

9:03 am
Sat September 1, 2012

Fiesta del Trabajo - Tribute to the life of workers

La vendedora de alcatraces - Diego Rivera

Sat 9/1 2p: Celebramos el Día del Trabajo con canciones latinoamericanas que homenajean la vida del trabajador. ¡Feliz día! Host: Cristina Baccin

We celebrate Labor Day with Latin American songs that pay tribute to the life of workers. Happy Labor Day!

Corazón Tanguero
5:55 pm
Mon August 20, 2012

Mujeres de tango

Mujeres de Tango
Photography: Massimiliano MOdena - DG: Mariela Tesconi

Mon. Aug 20, 9.30p: Contemporary and new Ladies of Tango. Host: Cristina Baccin

1:04 pm
Mon August 20, 2012

MusicA with the letter A


Mon. 8/20 7.30p:  Music in Spanish is written with the letter A ... Music is a Feminine gender word! Let´s explore young women singers throughout Latin America:you will enjoy to know them! Host: Cristina Baccin

MusicA se escribe con A de género femenino... Descubramos juntos el mundo de jóvenes mujeres cantantes latinoamericanas: rapperAs, trovadorAs, cantadorAs...

8:22 am
Tue August 7, 2012

Jazz Brasileiro LIVE!

Sat. 8/11, 2p:  The duo, vocalist Debo Orlofsky and guitarist Tony Cesarano, will play live Brazilian music! From Jobim to Joyce, Jazz Brasileiro is synonymous with Brazilian Jazz, playing both classic bossa nova and a wide range of contemporary Brazilian music.

Espejos de Aztlan
7:39 am
Tue August 7, 2012

Albuquerque Law Enforcement and Racial Profiling

Mon. 8/13 7pm:  Marcela Diaz, from Somos Un Pueblo Unido, will discuss the release of a new report detailing local law enforcement compliance with a 2009 law that bans racial profiling and other forms of bias-based policing.  Three years after the 2009 ban went into effect, the study finds that the large majority of local law enforcement agencies in New Mexico are not in basic compliance.

1:39 pm
Mon August 6, 2012

Despedida-homenaje / Good Bye to singer Chavela Vargas

EFE - Mexico

Mon. Aug 6, 7.30p:  Yesterday, Chavela Vargas, a legendary singer in Mexico, died at age 93.This evening,  we´ll play Chavela Vargas music to say good-bye to her. Host: Cristina Baccin

Corazón Tanguero
12:55 pm
Mon August 6, 2012



Mon. Aug 6, 7p:  Donatello Brida, Italian leader of the portuguese tango orchestra TANO BRANCAMENTA Y LA MISERIA DE LUXE talks with us about what his "GARAGE-TANGO". Enjoy this conversation about his love for Argentinian tango, playing it with the accordion in Lisbon and Europe. He is the accordeon player of O´questrada, popular Portuguese band. (Interview in Italian with voice over in English). Host: Cristina Baccin

Espejos de Aztlan
10:57 pm
Sun August 5, 2012

Las Vegas Mayor visits KUNM

Glenn D. Kaufmann

Mon Aug 6, 7p: Las Vegas Mayor, Alfonso E. Ortiz, will talk with us about his memories of his city, and the future his administration is creating. Host: Cristina Baccin

4:20 pm
Tue July 31, 2012

Grammy Award winner, Joanne Shenandoah: "She sings"

Jason Mahshie

Sat. 8/4 2p:  Joanne Shenandoah, one of the most important voices for the Oneida people and the Native American country, visits Albuquerque this weekend for her concert at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. She´ll talk with host Cristina Baccin about her tribute to the life of cycles of women, our balance with mother earth, and her new album "Lifegivers".

3:16 pm
Fri July 20, 2012

Fiesta de verano

Alfred Gockel Paintings

Sat. 7/21 2pm: Fiesta music to enjoy this summer fest!

Host: Cristina Baccin