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Public Affairs
2:45 pm
Mon January 30, 2012

Revolutionary Soup: Urban Farming in the Desert

Sat. 9/17/11  12p: Zoey Wilcox-Edrington, author of Urban Farming for Drylands, tells listeners how to create their own urban gardens and farms. 

Public Affairs
1:48 pm
Thu January 26, 2012

Revolutionary Soup: New Spins on Thanksgiving Dinner

Sat 9/17/11  12p: Sarah Wensell-Fischer and Robin Seydel from local growers' markets give new perspectives and  alternative ideas for every foodie's favorite holiday. 

Public Affairs
4:18 pm
Wed January 25, 2012

Revolutionary Soup: Cool Weather Crops

Sat 8/27/11  12p: Neesa Patterson, Mary Erwin and Patty Ames talk about growing vegetables during the cooler months. 

Public Affairs
12:23 pm
Wed January 25, 2012

Revolutionary Soup: The Healing Powers of Ayurvedic Cooking

Sat 1/21 12p: Yashoda Naidoo originally came to Albuquerque as an accountant but was frustrated by the lack of restaurant options to fit her Ayurvedic diet,  so she started Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe.  Today the restaurant has three locations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe and Naidoo is working on a new project in conjunction with Keshet Dance Company. In this "Revolutionary Soup" Naidoo shares all the benefits of cooking using Ayurveda. 

Public Affairs
11:45 am
Wed January 25, 2012

Revolutionary Soup: Posole, Chico Soup and New Mexican Families

Sat 1/21 12p: In this anniversary edition of Revolutionary Soup, Carol Boss sits down with author Gloria Zamora and her mother and sister, Irene and Dolores Tafoya,  to discuss the significance of posole and chico soup and how it has brought their family together for generations in rural New Mexico.      

Public Affairs
12:53 pm
Thu January 19, 2012

Revolutionary Soup: Three NM Growers Discuss the Significance of Their Crops

Sat 6/18/11 at noon:  Carol Boss talks with three local growers and farmers' market sellers about the environmental, nutritional and spiritual significance of their respective crops.  Gael Fishel, Christina Provazzi and Denise Wheeler discuss farmers' markets and importance of fresh organic produce. 

Women's Focus
11:48 am
Wed January 18, 2012

Revolutionary Soup First Anniversary

Sat. 1/21 12p: Carol Boss celebrates the first anniversary of Revolutionary Soup, a monthly series of wide-ranging conversations about food.

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Public Affairs
5:02 pm
Wed January 11, 2012

Revolutionary Soup: An Interview With South Valley Women Growers

Just some of the colorful produce grown at Erda Gardens and Learning Center in Albuquerque's South Valley.

Sat. 2/12/11 at noon: In this segment of "Revolutionary Soup"  Carol sits down with four independent female farmers from Albuquerque's South Valley--Jen Prosser, Spiral Blanton, Amanda Rich, and April Parker.  Tune in to hear how these women work to connect Albuquerque's young and old with the food they eat and the natural bounty of the land.   

Women's Focus
3:18 pm
Tue November 8, 2011

Creativity for Peace Camp

Sat. 11/12 12p: Four Arab and Jewish young women from Palestine and Israel, leaders this summer at Creativity for Peace Camp in northern New Mexico, talk to Carol Boss about their commitment to becoming peacemakers in their countries and part of the next generation of female leaders.

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Women's Focus
1:31 pm
Sat May 21, 2011

Revolutionary Acts: Growing Gardens in Schools and Rethinking School Lunches

Local students learn the value of growing their own foods with help from the APS Growing Gardens Team.

Sat. 5/28 at noon: Carol Boss presents another segment in the ongoing series Revolutionary Soup featuring wide-ranging conversations about our evolving relationship with food and our environment.  In this segment, Carol speaks with Janet Reeves, Lisa Silva, Neesa Patterson and Laura Roberts about their efforts with farming and gardening programs for children in Albuquerque schools, such as the APS Growing Gardens team.  

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Public Affairs
9:06 am
Mon February 21, 2011

An Interview with Eva Schloss - Holocaust Survivor, Friend and Neighbor of Anne Frank

Scene from "And Then They Came for Me"

Sat. 2/26 at noon: Carol Boss talks with Eva Schloss who participated in the creation of the play, And Then They Came For Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank, a multimedia journey into the life and world of Anne Frank and two Holocaust survivors who were her friends. The production opens this weekend at UNM.

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Public Affairs
11:47 am
Fri February 4, 2011

An Interview with Mark Winne, Author of "Food Rebels, Guerrilla Gardeners and Smart-Cooking Mamas"

Sat. 2/12 at noon: Host Carol Boss presents the second interview in Revolutionary Soup, a series of conversations about food on Women's Focus. This week, New Mexico author and food activist Mark Winne talks about his new book.

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Public Affairs
11:38 am
Tue January 18, 2011

Revolutionary Soup: Chef and Author Deborah Madison

Sat. 1/22: A new feature will be introduced on Women's Focus as Carol Boss debuts Revolutionary Soup, a series of wide-ranging conversations about food. It's about us, our community, our world. Complex yet simple. Deborah Madison, renowned chef and award-winning author of numerous cookbooks, will be the first guest for this new series.

Connecting people to the food they eat, its source and its history has long been her work. Her interests lay with Issues of biodiversity, sustainability, local eating, and farmers markets.

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Public Affairs
4:11 pm
Fri December 17, 2010

Nina Simons on Women's Focus

Nina Simons

12/18/11 at  12:00pm

An interview with the co-founder and CEO of Bioneers.

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