The Two-Way
3:30 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

Join NPR For Live Blogging And Latest Results From The Florida Primary

Starting at 6 p.m. ET, we'll be helping out the NPR Elections Desk with some more live blogging — this time on the news from Florida, which holds its Republican presidential primary today.

Will former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney come in first as pre-primary polls suggested? How well will former House Speaker Newt Gingrich do?

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Middle East
3:20 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

In Israel, A Nonstop Debate On Possible Iran Strike

Israeli soldiers take part in an exercise at the Shizafon army base, in the Negev Desert north of the southern city of Eilat, on Tuesday. There are growing signs that Israel may be planning a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.
Jack Guez AFP/Getty Images

In Israel, there is daily speculation over whether Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities in the near future. The debate is not only over whether Israel should strike Iran, but what the costs and benefits might be from such a strike.

Israel believes that Iran is working to build a nuclear bomb, and dismisses Iran's assertion that its nuclear program is solely for civilian purposes.

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Shots - Health Blog
3:20 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

A Computer Beats A Pen For Getting Prescriptions Right

A study at two Australian hospitals finds computerized prescribing systems cut errors with drugs.

Drug errors inside hospitals remain a big problem.

By one estimate, 1 in 7 hospitalized patients suffers some form of error in care. Nearly a third of those mistakes are related to drugs. And those mix-ups can lead to longer hospital stays, unnecessary suffering, permanent damage or death.

One way to reduce mistakes is to have doctors enter the prescriptions on a computer instead of with pen and paper. After the switch, hospitals can see error rates drop by a whopping 60 percent.

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It's All Politics
3:09 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

Campaign Finance Reports Show Ups And Downs For Candidates, SuperPACs

A new disclosure report documents how Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry lost his fundraising base. Donors gave up long before Perry dropped out two weeks ago.

The Texas governor Perry launched his campaign back in August with a gusher of cash from conservative allies, especially in his home state.

He gathered up nearly $7 million in the first three weeks, which turned out to be more than double what he got over the past three months.

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The Conservation Beat
3:02 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

Finding a Place for Science

Students at Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area
Sidsel Overgaard

With all the time devoted to bringing up math and reading scores in elementary schools these days, we often hear how other subjects- like art and music- are losing out.  But given the signs pointing to a high-tech future, it may be more surprising to learn about another area getting left in the dust…science.  KUNM’s Sidsel Overgaard reports.

Did NM miss an opportunity to turn things around?  Check out our blog @ earth air waves for more.

The Two-Way
2:45 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

Secret To Being Married 78 Years? Say 'Honey, I Still Love You'

Wilbur Faiss, who's been married more than 78 years.

Originally published on Tue January 31, 2012 2:48 pm

Wilbur and Theresa Faiss of Las Vegas have been married for more than 78 years — an accomplishment that's generating headlines this week about them being the nation's "longest-married couple."

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The Two-Way
2:29 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

Clinton Calls On Security Council To 'Stand With The People Of Syria'

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during her address to the U.N. Security Council this afternoon.
Mario Tama Getty Images

Saying "we all have a choice — stand with the people of Syria and the region or become complicit in the continuing violence there," Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton just urged the U.N. Security Council to support an Arab League call for "a negotiated, peaceful political solution to this crisis and a responsible, democratic transition in Syria" that would lead to the end of President Bashar Assad's regime.

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Centennial Journeys
2:18 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

Moments That Shaped New Mexico's Character as a State

Photo by Shellie Flickr

Mon.- Fri.  12:04p: Centennial Journeys is a series of two-minute programs to educate the public about interesting and often overlooked pieces of New Mexico’s history from the arrival of United States troops in 1846 to the present. 

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Native America Calling
2:10 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

What to Do When Diabetes Hits

Photo by Jill Brown

Thu. 2/02 11a: When it comes to the epidemic of diabetes, the numbers reveal this disease is in nearly every corner of Indian Country. 

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1:54 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

For Hungarian Borrowers, A Mortgage Nightmare

A woman passes by a real estate agency in Budapest, Hungary, in January. As the Hungarian currency plunges to new lows, ordinary citizens are struggling to repay foreign-denominated loans.
Laszlo Balogh Reuters/Landov

Originally published on Tue January 31, 2012 6:16 pm

Since the U.S. housing bubble burst, many Americans have found themselves struggling to pay off mortgages that are worth more than their homes.

Now, imagine if those mortgages were in a foreign currency that has soared in value compared with the domestic currency — the one in which paychecks are issued.

As Hungary's currency plummets to record lows, this is exactly the plight of some 1 million Hungarians, who, during better financial times, took out mortgages and consumer loans in Swiss francs.

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