Mujer en MusicA with the letter A <p>Mon. 8/20 7.30p:&nbsp; <strong>Music</strong> in Spanish is written with the letter <strong>A</strong> ... Music is a Feminine gender word! Let´s explore young women singers throughout Latin America:you will enjoy to know them! Host: Cristina Baccin</p><p><strong>MusicA</strong><strong> </strong>se escribe con<strong> A </strong>de género femenino... Descubramos juntos el mundo de jóvenes mujeres cantantes latinoamericanas: rapper<strong>A</strong>s, trovador<strong>A</strong>s, cantador<strong>A</strong>s...</p> Mon, 20 Aug 2012 19:04:43 +0000 Cristina Baccin 17386 at MusicA with the letter A