Jimmy Santiago Baca Chicano poetry http://kunm.org en Jimmy Santiago Baca - Poet, Memoirist & Novelist http://kunm.org/post/jimmy-santiago-baca-poet-memoirist-novelist <p><span class="style2"><span class="style41">Sat 7/28 2.30pm_ Jimmy Santiago Baca</span>, New Mexican author of &quot;A place to stand&quot;, will talk with host Henry Gonzales about a documentary based on his authorized </span>memoir, which has been called &ldquo;elegant and gripping&rdquo; (<i>The Los Angeles Times</i>).</p><p>&quot;A place to stand&quot; follows Baca&acute;s transformation from nearly illiterate convict to award-winning poet . Sat, 28 Jul 2012 15:21:51 +0000 Henry Gonzales 16225 at http://kunm.org Jimmy Santiago Baca - Poet, Memoirist & Novelist