Theatre en "Paloma" <p>Mon. 7/16 7pm: <span style="line-height:15.833333015441895px;text-align:left;color:rgb(51,51,51);font-size:14.166666030883789px;font-family:'Myriad Pro',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif">How did Muslims, Christians and Jews co-exist peacefully in eleventh century Spain when religious intolerance persists in present day U.S. society? </span>Interview with the producer and the lead actress of the world premier performance of &quot;Paloma,&quot; by Anne Garcia-Romero. &nbsp;The play follows three young students in New York City -shaken by the 9-11 terrorist attacks- while they study ancient Muslim Spain. The producer, Linda Lopez-McCallister and the lead actress, Lena&nbsp; Armstrong provide insight into the play. Mon, 16 Jul 2012 21:21:17 +0000 Ignacio Gallegos 15655 at "Paloma"