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AG Joins Fight Over Net Neutrality

The New Mexico Attorney General is 1 of 22 officials fighting the rollback of net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission’s deregulation of the Internet could affect people of color disproportionately. Folks advocating for the free flow of information say things could get a lot worse.

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Let's Talk Anti-Panhandling Laws

Let’s Talk New Mexico 1/18 8a: Call now 277-KUNM or 277-5866. Albuquerque’s City Council passed the Pedestrian Safety Ordinance late last year, which makes it illegal for people to stand near freeway ramps or in medians and to interact with drivers. It’s also illegal for drivers to interact with people standing in those spaces. Do you think the law is helpful to public safety and will help prevent pedestrian deaths or traffic accidents? Or do you think it targets people experiencing extreme poverty in Albuquerque? Is the law a violation of free speech or other constitutionally guaranteed rights?

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Interview: Saxophonist Anthony Ortega

Thu. 1/17 12p: Anthony Ortega has played and recorded with all of the West Coast scene since 1947. This is going to be good! He's spry and full of history - Clifford Brown, Harold Land, Gigi Gryce, Gerald Wilson, Art Pepper, Frank Zappa, Quincy Jones, Lionel Hampton 1953!, Mike Wofford, Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Dinah Washington, Sonny Stitt, Annie Ross, Art Farmer, Erroll Garner, Herbie Mann, and I will be asking him about a bebopper working with Wingy Manone(1957)!, Groove Holmes,...

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KUNM's Sarah Gustavus speaks with writers and reporters from the online New Mexico Independent about this week's headlines.

Single-Sex Education: Fix or Folly?

Nov 12, 2009

In the last eight years the number of U.S. public schools offering all-boys or all-girls classes has skyrocketed from about 11 to well over 500. So far, very few of those are in New Mexico. Supporters say, with boys falling behind, single sex education is an issue of social justice. Others say it's nothing short of illegal.

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This year marks the 200th anniversary of the births of two important figures in Western art and science: Felix Mendelssohn and Charles Darwin.

Second District Congressman Harry Teague was one of 39 House Democrats who broke party ranks to vote against health care overhaul legislation this weekend. From Washington, Manuel Quinones reports for KUNM.

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Latinas from across the country met today in Albuquerque at a town hall meeting to discuss the health care issues that affect them.

The setting of a book can be just as important as the story itself. Author Tony Hillerman was known for his Navajo Tribal Police mystery novels.

Several small business owners from New Mexico are in Washington D.C. today along with over one hundred more from around the country. They've made the trip to show their support for health care overhaul legislation now under consideration in Congress.

Stories can capture a little slice of culture. That's especially true in the writing of Martha Egan.

She's lived in New Mexico since the mid 1970s and owns the Latin American folk art and antiques gallery Pachamama in Santa Fe.

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When state lawmakers convene for a special session tomorrow in Santa Fe, they'll face the daunting task of dealing with a $650 million budget deficit. Many advocates are saying tax cuts for the wealthy should be repealed.

KUNM's Elaine Baumgartel wanted to find out how much the 2003 tax cuts actually cost the state and exactly which taxpayers have benefited the most.

The state miscalculated high school graduation rates that were released last month.




Family Of Woman Killed By Albuquerque Police Settles Suit, Lawmakers Rush To Pass Nursing Compact

Family Of Woman Killed By Albuquerque Police Settles Lawsuit – Albuquerque Journal, Associated Press The family of a 19-year-old woman who was fatally shot by Albuquerque police in 2014 has settled its wrongful death lawsuit against the city and a former officer involved.

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Kids In The Roundhouse

The Children's Hour Sat 1/20 9a: in New Mexico, the 30 Day legislative session has begun, but what do kids have to do with it? We’ll talk with state senator Bill O’Neill and some of the Wild Friends New Mexico about how kids can be part of the legislative process.

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