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Bloomfield Must Pay $700K In Ten Commandments Case, State To Plug More Abandoned Wells

City Must Pay $700K For Lawyer Fees In Ten Commandments Case – Farmington Daily Times, Associated Press A northwest New Mexico community is considering using online fundraising to pay the $700,000 it owes from a lawsuit that stemmed from a dispute over a Ten Commandments monument that was formerly located outside of Bloomfield City Hall.

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“The Other Side Of My Heart”: An Interview With Alejandro Rutty

Sat. 2/17, 4:15p: On Corazón Tanguero , a conversation hosted by Cristina Baccin with musician and composer Alejandro Rutty , currently Associate Professor of Music at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro about “The other side of my heart” , an exquisite new album deeply grounded in the lives of immigrant women with the creative lyrics of Lorena Guillén and her bright soprano voice. Sometimes a dreamy jazzy atmosphere crosses the genres from tango to Argentinian zamba without you...

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Femme Frontera: Filmmakers Tell Stories From The Borderlands

Sa 2/17, 12p: On Women's Focus Carol Boss talks with female filmmakers from Femme Frontera, a collective dedicated to inspiring and empowering filmmakers from both sides of the border. Also, a conversation with Dr. Cristal Glangchai, founder of VentureLab, an academy of entrepreneurship and technology for girls.

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New Mexico Black History

The Children's Hour, Sat 2/17 9a: Continuing in our unsung heroes of Black History series, we’ll be joined this week by UNM Professor of Africana Studies, Dr. Marsha Hardeman who will educate us about the Black History of New Mexico and the American Southwest.

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Racism In The News

Let's Talk New Mexico 2/15 8a. Call 277-5866 - Diversity has increasingly become a buzz word for businesses and industries in recent years and that includes the journalism industry, as newsrooms struggle to better represent the communities they serve. Here in New Mexico, the recent publication of a racist cartoon by the state's largest newspaper sparked a firestorm of criticism. We'll discuss racism in the news and diversity in newsrooms.

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KUNM News Is Hiring A Public Health Reporter!

KUNM at the University of New Mexico is hiring one full-time Technical Journalist to report for the Public Health New Mexico project.

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Legislators Close Out Session With Budget Compromise

State legislators passed a $6.3 billion budget on Wednesday night. A surplus in state revenue made things easier this year, but it also brought new challenges, said Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth.

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Psychedelic Radio Head Shoppe Celebrates Black History Month

Psychedelic Radio Head Shoppe 2/17 10p: Join us for a three hour celebration of Black artists in psychedelic rock, soul, blues, jazz/rock fusion and the roots of rap.

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New Mexico Senate Braces For Debate On Preschool FundingThe Associated Press

Members of the New Mexico state Senate are bracing for a heated debate about whether to increase funding for early childhood education by distributing more money from a multibillion dollar sovereign wealth fund.

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The Albuquerque Journal is facing a backlash after publishing a racist editorial cartoon on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

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A short-term federal budget is set to expire at midnight on Thursday, and there could be another government shutdown. Some lawmakers in D.C. refused to support the budget bill if protections for young people who were brought to the U.S. as children were not included. Here in Albuquerque, college professors, Dreamers and allies gathered outside the Downtown offices for Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich to demand that they fight for a Dream Act in Congress.

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State Forestry: State Could See Worst Fire Season In Decade – The Associated Press & KRQE

New Mexico State Forestry officials say they already are anticipating an aggressive fire season, as 70 percent of the state is facing severe drought.

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New Mexico’s criminal justice system gets clogged. The courts, the public prosecutors and defenders, they’ve all said they don’t have enough money or staff to process cases fast enough. Growing backlogs, people and details falling through the cracks—those complaints are common. Lawmakers are weighing a bill that would pull minor offenses out of the court system.

Let's Talk Education And The State Budget

Feb 7, 2018
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Let's Talk New Mexico 2/8 8a: Call now (505) 277-5866. Most New Mexico lawmakers might agree that improving education for our children is a top priority. But in a year when the state’s oil and gas revenues are up, there’s no consensus on just how much money schools need, where that money should come from or how it should be spent. How could our laws and state spending better serve students? This week on Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’re talking education and the state budget. Join us Thursday morning at 8 on KUNM. Call in live during the show or tweet using #LetsTalkNM.

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Water Forecast Is Bleak For Major Reservoir In Southwest USThe Associated Press

Forecasters say one of the most important reservoirs in the Southwestern U.S. will likely collect less than half its normal amount of spring runoff this year because of a warm, dry winter across much of the region.

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New Mexico has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the U.S. There’s no waiting period to buy a firearm, and there aren’t any state laws restricting what kinds of guns people can own. It is llegal for someone convicted of a felony to have one here, and legislators are working to increase the penalty. But that may not be the kind of law gun-control advocates are looking for. 

New Mexico Preschool Funding Proposal Clears House – The Associated Press

New Mexico House lawmakers have approved a proposal to increase funding for early childhood education in New Mexico by distributing more money from a multi-billion dollar state sovereign wealth fund.

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New Mexico has the second-highest recidivism rate in the country, with half of its former inmates landing back behind prison bars within three years. To shrink those numbers, the state House passed a measure that would require jails and prisons to make sure inmates have access to behavioral health services.