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Bloomfield Must Pay $700K In Ten Commandments Case, State To Plug More Abandoned Wells

City Must Pay $700K For Lawyer Fees In Ten Commandments Case – Farmington Daily Times, Associated Press A northwest New Mexico community is considering using online fundraising to pay the $700,000 it owes from a lawsuit that stemmed from a dispute over a Ten Commandments monument that was formerly located outside of Bloomfield City Hall.

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“The Other Side Of My Heart”: An Interview With Alejandro Rutty

Sat. 2/17, 4:15p: On Corazón Tanguero , a conversation hosted by Cristina Baccin with musician and composer Alejandro Rutty , currently Associate Professor of Music at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro about “The other side of my heart” , an exquisite new album deeply grounded in the lives of immigrant women with the creative lyrics of Lorena Guillén and her bright soprano voice. Sometimes a dreamy jazzy atmosphere crosses the genres from tango to Argentinian zamba without you...

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Femme Frontera: Filmmakers Tell Stories From The Borderlands

Sa 2/17, 12p: On Women's Focus Carol Boss talks with female filmmakers from Femme Frontera, a collective dedicated to inspiring and empowering filmmakers from both sides of the border. Also, a conversation with Dr. Cristal Glangchai, founder of VentureLab, an academy of entrepreneurship and technology for girls.

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New Mexico Black History

The Children's Hour, Sat 2/17 9a: Continuing in our unsung heroes of Black History series, we’ll be joined this week by UNM Professor of Africana Studies, Dr. Marsha Hardeman who will educate us about the Black History of New Mexico and the American Southwest.

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Racism In The News

Let's Talk New Mexico 2/15 8a. Call 277-5866 - Diversity has increasingly become a buzz word for businesses and industries in recent years and that includes the journalism industry, as newsrooms struggle to better represent the communities they serve. Here in New Mexico, the recent publication of a racist cartoon by the state's largest newspaper sparked a firestorm of criticism. We'll discuss racism in the news and diversity in newsrooms.

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KUNM News Is Hiring A Public Health Reporter!

KUNM at the University of New Mexico is hiring one full-time Technical Journalist to report for the Public Health New Mexico project.

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Legislators Close Out Session With Budget Compromise

State legislators passed a $6.3 billion budget on Wednesday night. A surplus in state revenue made things easier this year, but it also brought new challenges, said Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth.

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Psychedelic Radio Head Shoppe Celebrates Black History Month

Psychedelic Radio Head Shoppe 2/17 10p: Join us for a three hour celebration of Black artists in psychedelic rock, soul, blues, jazz/rock fusion and the roots of rap.

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Key New Mexico Lawmaker Calls For NMSU Regents To ResignThe Associated Press

A top leader in the New Mexico Legislature is asking for New Mexico State University's regents to resign following a recent vote to limit the administrative powers of the school's outgoing chancellor.

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The vice president of the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute has been accused of sexual assault by a staff member. Other complaints about Eric Christensen’s behavior have been filed over the course of his long federal career, according to a recent news story in Government Executive, an independent news publication.

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The New Mexico state legislature is running out of time to pass a lottery scholarship bill that could benefit thousands of college students. 

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New Mexico lawmakers unanimously passed a bill Tuesday that would help stop a sinkhole from forming in Carlsbad. The Motor Vehicle Tax to Road Fund measure would take a little over 4 percent of state vehicle tax money and put it toward filling Carlsbad’s brine well.

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New Mexico Senate Approves Spending IncreaseThe Associated Press

A proposal to boost New Mexico state spending on public schools, the criminal justice system, business incentives and Medicaid has been approved by the state Senate.

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Half of the animals that enter shelters in New Mexico end up being euthanized, and lawmakers are getting closer to agreeing on a measure that would charge a fee to pet food companies to help fund spay and neuter services across the state.

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Santa Fe County Sees Rise In Medical Marijuana CardholdersThe Associated Press

The New Mexico Department of Health says the number of medical marijuana cardholders in Santa Fe County has jumped to nearly 43 percent from January 2017 to January 2018.

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New Mexico Legislature Backs Pet Food Fee For Sterilizations Associated Press

Bills to expand dog and cat sterilizations across New Mexico by collecting a new annual fee from pet food manufacturers have cleared the New Mexico House and Senate.

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The Albuquerque Journal’s decision to publish a racist cartoon in its editorial section on Wednesday, Feb. 7, drew a lot of criticism locally and across the country. Statements from the paper’s editors afterward didn’t do much to quell the outrage.


In 1929, students and faculty at the University of New Mexico established a separate school in Albuquerque where students of all ages and skill levels could study and appreciate the fine arts.  Ninety years later, the New Mexico Art League is one of the oldest organizations in the United States offering serious arts training to the community.  It also sponsors exhibitions for New Mexico artists, and the current exhibit, Biologique, runs through February 24.